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                Water pressure sensor in the gas boiler

                Author: ComeFrom: Date:2014-04-02 23:41:28 Hits:650

                The work process in the heating system , water pressure is an important parameter affecting the system working properly . Normal working pressure of the boiler 1bar ~ 1.5bar; sealing pressure over the General Assembly affecting system performance , or even damage the system ; too small will result in insufficient system flow , affect its heating effect . Monitoring of water pressure , is an important part of the boiler control .

                       Boiler water pressure on the traditional parts of information collection are mainly two: pressure gauge and pressure switch. The former by the water pressure pushes the spring rotates with the pointer , as to display the boiler pressure parameter ; which is a switching device, when the pressure reaches the set value is automatically connected to the circuit , the pressure signal into an electrical signal. Both parts have their flaws, a parameter can not be converted into a signal , and the other switching action can not show the specific values ??of pressure .

                       Water pressure sensor , water pressure can be converted into an electrical signal . With the improvement of technology and sensor technology to improve the accuracy of water pressure sensor is gradually improving , the cost is continually declining. In recent years, water pressure sensors began to appear in the boiler industry . Compared with conventional water pressure acquisition , water pressure sensor for signal digitization, more intuitive , precise. Moreover , the boiler water pressure sensor and control system combination will be able to achieve more different functions:

                       First, based on the correspondence between the pump current and pressure can be judged pump working conditions , can make the pump stop operation stuck in situations ;
                       Second, the variable-speed pump control system with , to demand changes in the heating boiler for quick adjustment ;
                       Third, the modular system can determine the operating status of each unit, to allow the system to automatically adjust the pressure information .
                       With the optimization of the production process and electrical control requirements increase, the water pressure sensors play an increasingly important role in the boiler industry will !

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